Cihad Caner

Copyright 2017


The Root project has been started as a photography project. Classical photography was not enough to show my experiences and my findings about my origin. I started to collect some objects such as stones and minerals during my trips to my roots. I decided to investigate my origin based on the natural objects that are from my village, to extend the idea of origin not only from human ancestors. I have reproduced the stones and minerals with different materials such as resin, rubber and 3D mapping. The project has two parts; one part contains a site-specific installation, where visitors can experience the environment, a darkened room full of soil on the ground and a light box on the wall. The second part contains reproduced objects with different materials and prints on aluminum and vinyl. These objects hold a powerful force of attraction: a moment of uncertainty between what is forged by me and by what exists naturally. The Root project turned into a starting point to understand non-human language to build up non-hierarchical relationship with non-human (objects, animals, nature, ecology) in the world we live in. copy.jpg